Correctional dentists enjoy work without private practice hassles.

Correctional dentistry offers a diverse, fast-paced day without the hassles of private practice. In addition to a great variety of dental cases, correctional dentists enjoy the ability to practice dentistry without the added administrative distractions of third-party billing, staffing and overhead expense. This allows CDA dentists to spend more time addressing the diverse dental health challenges of their patients.

CDA provides quality dental care in a timely, cost efficient and effective manner through:

  • Dental care including diagnostic, preventive, restorative, periodontal extractions, and exodontic procedures.
  • Licensed dentists that adhere to OSHA standards and CDC guidelines.
  • Complete dental records, including medical and mental health components are available electronically for easy access and review (where available).
  • Dental chart documentation is entered electronically into the Electronic Medical Record (where available).
  • Dental and medical specialists are available for consultation and treatment.

All of these advantages combine to make correctional dentistry with CDA a professionally and personally satisfying career choice.


CDA is led by Chief Dental Officer Steve Merrill, DMD